SRM Software Inc. is a leading provider of technical and business consultation services in Workforce Management with over 25 years’ experience. Delivering Best-in-Class Workforce Management Solutionsis our business. Working with us will help your organization to increase efficiencies through the streamlining of business processes, helping you to get the best results for your business and your clients. We offer a range of value-add services and can assist you with each and every aspect of implementing and introducing an effective Workforce Management Solution into your business.

We provide expert advice based on the individual needs of your organization, fully supporting the implementation and upgrades of Workbrain and Kronos Solutions in manageable sequences that will minimize any risk, while enhancing efficiencies across your workforce.

Delivery of any workforce management solution requires a number of consultation led services to make sure that the entire project is managed & efficiently and more importantly, maximise the return on your investment.

With our range of before and after sales services, we ensure that the organization is ready and fully prepped for any changes. Meaning that process mapping and training have occurred with the right people in the business. We make sure that your new investment is adopted into your company in the best manner, delivering the results that you need from the onset. SRM will provide all of the wrap-around services you need to get your WFM solution in place effectively and efficiently.

SRM Project Management

Implementing a workforce management system into any size of business is a task that requires careful planning, it needs time, and above all else, it requires skills and experience. SRM have worked across a range of industries and specialize in workforce management systems. We focus on each element of the project and through our project managers, we have successfully led hundreds of successful projects in Healthcare, Retail, and Manufacturing sectors.

We will outline a strategy from design to implementation and beyond that will work for your organization. By taking the time to understand your business first,we ensure the future success of any workforce management solution. Our team has “been there and done that”, many times over. We know exactly how to avoid common project pitfalls, and our project managers can foresee and anticipate challenges before they arise. We deal directly with the software vendor, ensuring free flowing communication throughout.

SRM Change Management

The team at SRM are experts in helping organizations just like yours to manage change within the business, ensuring continuity of services throughout. Implementing a new workforce management system into any business, whatever the size can affect almost everyone within the workplace in some way. By working with a business partner who has been through the same processes before, with other businesses, it can significantly protect your investment. We will ensure the smooth management of the changes throughout your organization in advance, making sure the whole process runs smoothly.

Effective change management is all about ensuring that the long term achievements of your workforce management system within your business are met. SRM work with your organization to get it ready for the changes that lie ahead, making sure that your employees adopt the new technology and are fully aware of the benefits, as well as the changes. We will ensure that the speed of adoption of the new system into your organization is the best it can be. In order to do this correctly, users need to know both the system and the related process before it goes live. Implementing a good change management strategy will give your people the skills and the knowledge they need within your business are met.

SRM Implementation Services

The team at SRM are specialists in the implementation of workforce management solutions into organizations of all sizes throughout Healthcare, Retail, and Manufacturing sectors. Regardless of the size of your business, hiring us to help you implement your new solution will provide you with complete peace of mind that you have all of the support you need to get your investment working for your business immediately.

We have an excellent ongoing relationship with the technology vendors, this allows great communication should any challenges arise. It also means that your staff is not left wondering if this solution is the best or worst thing to happen to them. Often, when new software gets installed, there are teething problems. Working with SRM instantly gives you access to trained professionals who specialize in this field.

Our implementation team can work with a project manager within your business, or we can assign one of our own project managers to handle this from start to finish. We can handle any important migrations, of data or systems into the new workforce management solution for you, along with any software configurations that might be needed, or user acceptance testing. Our complete range of support services are available on request.

The team at SRM will help you to develop an effective workforce management vision. We take advantage of best of breed technologies to help you solve your business challenges. Contact us today to arrange an onsite visit, or to answer any questions you may have, or refer you directly to a project manager should you need to speak with them directly.